Eagle or White Rocks is the natural showplace of Sochi. They are placed on the territory of the Matsesta forestry of the Sochi National Park in the Khosta district along the right bank of the Agura River in 2 km of its estuary. Eagle Rocks are the absolutely vertical breakage 125 m above river level and 379 m above sea level covered with light limestone and yellow sandstone. That’s why they are called White Rocks.

Amasing view on the Chugush, Achishkho, Pseashkho and Aibgha mountains and also on the sea shore opens from the top of the rocks. You can get to the Eagle Rocks either from the side of the old Matsesta or from the Agura canyon from the place where Agurchik flow fall into the Agura River.

Eagle Rocks in Sochi received their name because of former eagle nestings. A Prometheus legend is also connected with the Eagle Rocks. Ancient Greek myths hero who was courageous to steel the fire from the gods and give it to people was chained to the rock. And the eagle came to Prometheus every day and peckled his liver out and teared his chest by claws. Local people sympathise hero but was afraid to help him. Agura was the only girl who wasn’t afraid. She took a food and water and came to feed the titan. Agura went to Prometheus and talk to him oftenly. The eagle once saw that and threw her off the rock into the canyon. Agura fell on the ground and became a river. She talked with Prometheus all day and all night long since that. Heracles once appeared nearby and listened to their talk. Thus the son of Zeus had found Prometheus. Heracles killed the eagle and broke the titan’s chains.

The sculpture of Prometheus is on the top of the Eagle Rocks at the edge of the breakage. It was created by Alexander Kapralov, sculptor from Omsk.